How Losing Body Fat Improves Speed and Stamina


How Losing Body Fat Improves Speed and Stamina

Losing body fat improves speed and stamina for men and the seasoned fitness professionals will attest to this as being true. One simple example of this would be to carry extra pounds for several feet. Have you ever stopped to notice, how your body feels when you carry groceries into the house from your car? You will find yourself walking slower, breathing harder, especially up steps. You will find your strength wavering.

When you finally set those thirty extra pounds down, and go back without the extra weight, you will notice improved strengh and added energy. This same scenario holds true if a man or woman has thirty pounds of extra fat on their body and they lose these pounds. The person may not notice the exta weight; it will be a gradual progression of feeling more tired, more quickly. You will find yourself moving slower. This is how excess weight added onto the body makes you feel.

If you are a man in the mid to late twenties, your testosterone levels start to diminish and continues to do so as you age. Is it any wonder why when a man arrives in his fifty to sixty year age range he notices it takes longer to do things, he gets tired quicker and feels that he must take an afternoon nap to help revive the body?

If you want to increase your stamina, strength, lose weight and feel great, you must understand a combination of the methods mentioned above go together. In addition you must boost testosterone if you are in your thirties and on. A natural testosterone supplement puts you on the right path towards better health, enables you to build muscle and increase muscle mass, thus losing unnecessary body fat. Also consuming whey protein shakes is a great way to be able to build stronger leaner muscles. There are a lot of other products that you can take but these two should get you started.

Do not try to exercise without a healthy and balanced diet plan. Do not just eat a healthy diet and expect optimum weight-loss results without an excellent exercise plan. Do not expect to lose weight well without a natural testosterone supplement. Combine a balanced diet, exercise plan and a natural testosterone supplement to realize increased speed and stamina, due to weight loss.

Men and women both find this to be true. The difference in the sexes is that men and women distribute weight differently. Since this information is not about women, we will pick on the man just a bit.

Many overweight men seem to end up with a good old ‘beer belly’. Men get a lot of unfair ribbing about protruding bellies. The man can have twigs for legs and thin chicken arms and carry a large belly. The man can also be thin with a sunken chest cavity but have a protruding belly. For some reason, this is where excess fat accumulates on most men.

If you carry excess fat around the mid section, this means, you carry too much fat around the heart, and this is not good. Excess fat causes the heart to pump faster; it saps your energy and decreases stamina to lower levels.

It would be wonderful if we could have, the doctor put zippers in our mid-section. Just unzip, remove the fat and zip up a nice, trim waistline. Unfortunately, the elimination of excess fat, especially around the mid-section is not very easy.

It takes an exercise plan, diet plan and natural nutritional supplements in order to trim up a man’s frame. You need a great deal of motivation with set goals and a desire to succeed in your weight loss efforts.

As a second thought, many seasoned weight lifters who have done this for a number of years have protruding bellies. This is not always excess fat but a possible abdominal hernia from lifting weights. Abdominal hernias are harmless for the man, and when repaired, are likely to return, due continued weight lifting. For this reason, you may see weight lifters wearing a belly belt.

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